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Window Art Creations Installation St. Alexius Hospital

Original Art For Your Windows

from concept to installation


"Words can't describe..." is an old expression that certainly applies to the transformative impact of Window Art Creations. Gorgeous, breathtaking at first glance - but there is more.


The backlit images change throughout the day as the sun changes, creating a feeling of movement. A flow of energy that warms and cycles the natural rhythm of day.


In the patient room a comfort, a companion. 

"The images provide a peaceful and calming reflection, especially for those who have no visitors."

 Sister Noemia, Chaplain, St. Alexius



​"We were looking for a solution for our patient rooms. And this was something no one had ever seen before. The change is dramatic and the response has been great from both our patients and our staff."


Laurie Miller, Director of Pediatrics and PICU