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Cardinals Original Art Throw shelly lawler

Cardinals Original Art Throw Shelly Lawler


The first snowfall in Chicagoland this year was November 9. More than a week ahead of the average first snow date of Nov 17. Caught me by wonderful suprise. There I was early morning staring out into the garden - a picture of fresh white and what's to come on the remnant of fall leaves.. As soon as I could take a break in my day, I lit a fire, grabbed my favorite cup of tea and this cozy throw...

I often say this image is a picture of a great relationship. Male and female Cardinals. Together - with just enough space inbetween and facing different directions!

Now available as a beautiful throw.


50 X 60 Sherpa Throw

machine washable!

$99. includes shipping.

Special Order

Please know delivery in about 2-3 weeks

Just in time for the next season.

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