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How to Choose the Right Frame

She’s studying the picture, She's imagining it in her space. And then comes the often asked question: “Do I have to frame it?" My answer is always the same: “No, it doesn’t need to be framed. You can live with it unframed and then if you feel you’d like to add a frame - you can do it later.”

Many of my customers have done just that. Years ago I sold two large pieces at an art show in Stuart Florida to a wonderful couple. The next year when they came to see me the husband told me after 10 months they framed them. “She was redecorating and wanted to change things. I loved them either way..."

Frames - Windows to the Soul

Framing pictures has been a way to present artwork for thousands of years. One of the earliest physical frames dates back to AD 50-70; the wooden frame and the portrait within was found in an Egyptian tomb.

Most researchers identify the purpose of framing early works as a method of separating scenes. Van Gogh said; “A picture without a frame is like a soul without a body”.

Pattty Knew

When Patty met me at the Highland Park Art Show she fell in love with "White Tulips."

And she knew immediately she wanted to frame it. When I visited her home I could see why. As you stroll room to room, you see everywhere her eye for detail and love of beautiful, special things. It is a haven of delightful treasures.

"White Tulips" framed was to be placed above her gorgeous couch - the focal point as you enter the room.. The correct frame would be like jewelry to the image. She told me she would know it when she saw it.

The great frame up

We met at the Great Frame Up in Northbrook IL and worked with an amazing framer Cheryl Bitz. Patty brought pictures of her home so Cheryl could see her space and style. In a short time Cheryl had walked her through possibilities and Patty landed on the particular frame that suited her style and accomplished what she was looking for. Framing is an art unto itself and Cheryl did a beautiful job finding just the right frame for her customer.

Beautiful and special, "White Tulips" is now at home in Patty's haven.



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