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In my years of doing art shows, so many times I've heard someone say; "This is your garden? If this was my garden, I'd never leave!" My answer is always the same; "Wherever I go, I take it with me."

So it is this weekend. I'll be exhibiting with over 300 artists from all over the world at the 60th Anniversary of the Gold Coast Fine Art Fair at Grant Park's Butler Field; near the Petrillo Band Shell on Jackson and Columbus Avenue.

Friends of the garden, it's no secret I love the peace and quiet I find in nature, in the

garden and in a rural lifestyle...

But there is majesty to be found on an early morning walk through Grant Park.

The history of this 319 acre urban oasis is fascinating. Back in the 1800's the original plans for the town of Chicago left the area east of Michigan Avenue vacant. In 1939 the area was marked; "Public ground. Forever to remain vacant of buildings."

Originally named Lake Park, in 1901, the area was renamed Grant Park in honor of American Civil War commanding General and United States President Ulysses S. Grant.

The legal restrictions prohibiting any buildings in the park were ignored in the 19th century and various civic buildings were built. A post office, exposition center, armory, and even an early home field for the Chicago Cubs.

Oh there is so much more! But let's end here with the centerpiece - one of the worlds largest fountains - Buckingham Fountain. In a rococo wedding cake style it operates water displays every 20 minutes and a light and water display from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.

I can see it from my booth. The rose gardens in full bloom and the dancing water...

It is majestic.

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