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DEFINITELY, defiantly in the air! Yesterday while I was out on my 5 mile hike I met one of my neighbors. Both of us were suited up in fleece and winter wear. "We've made it through!" she said. "Actually it's been a pretty easy winter and we are almost done - just 6 more weeks until Mother's Day!" She left me with a snap in her step and a huge happy smile. I turned on the fork and gazed at a bunch of emerging daffodils, took note of the sun's in and out behavior and focused on catching the heat of the rays. I like to say Midwesterner's are hearty people - growing up with awareness of seasons and a gonna get through it, gotta get through it attitude.

So - here we are at the seasonal cusp. Much beauty lies ahead. The 2017 Summer Art Show season begins APRIL 8 & 9 at the NAVY PIER ART AND DESIGN SHOW.

My incredible husband, Hall of Fame Photojournalist Val Mazzenga will be honored with the STEVEN AMDUR LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT IN THE ARTS AWARD at 1:00 on Saturday. He will have an exhibit at the show and he will be there Saturday taking questions and telling stories... what he does so well. You can visit his website:



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