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Pink Magnolia Scarf modeled by designer Shelly Lawler

Pink Magnolia Scarf ~ Soft and Stunning

I was so excited to get the picture. Her fiance bought it for her for their upcoming trip to Spain. They said they'd send a picture from their hotel and then... I saw her. Gorgeous on the Rambla as they left their hotel she posed for the pic. "She's wearing it backwards I thought!" But it was Great! The pink flower draped over her back as the front was open. I always say: "Find your own look:)"


From everyday standout to special occasion. Lightweight, Beautiful. Wrap yourself in the beauty of nature... 


My designs are inspired and created from images I’ve made in my garden and beyond. Each is Original and truly a labor of love ~


Easy Care. Hand Wash. 100% poly.

Made in the USA.

All Rights Reserved.

Pink Magnolia Scarf

  • One Scarf Many Looks.

    Perfect over a dress or camisole in the heat of summer. Super special wardrobe accessory for that air conditioned restaurant. Lightweight. Feel pretty fabric. Covers your arms. 

    Cruise wear. Bridal wear. Any wear.

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