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Window Art Willow Creek Community Church

With over 24,000 attendees Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington Illinois in one of the largest churches in the country. The atrium is a dramatic two-story space and features a wall of windows at the entryway looking out to the grounds of the campus. 

Though it ranks in both size and attendance as a "mega-church", staff is dedicated to creating small communities and meeting individual needs with their many outreach programs and services. 


To create that sense of intimacy in the atrium, visually, we placed original art in every other window changing the view outside to a feeling of being inside. A juxtaposition of nature. Restful. Intimate. Healing.

The once vast space and distant view now anchored intimately; an invitation to sit and reflect in the garden.

"When I walked into the atrium and saw the beautiful window art, I felt transported. It was Mother's Day and all I could do was sit there and breathe in the garden that was all around me. And I felt peace."

Julie Anderson, 

Church Visitor

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