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ONCE UPON A SPRINGTIME,  I was handed a used Nikon N 90 film camera with a 200mm lens. 

I was given a brief overview of how the camera worked and then, was left to discover.

The obsession took root.


My subject matter: peace of mind. I often say; "I've had everything else, I'm just looking for peace of mind." As you visit my site you will see some staged scenes, my garden is my studio, and you will see some images I could never set up. In both cases I'm waiting - for light and life. Waiting, to see what the garden will conjure.


Inviting you to dream, catch your breath, rest. 


I am humbled to say my work hangs in many commercial offices and private homes worldwide. Auspicious circumstances led to a one of a kind artwork installation at AMITA HEALTH Alexian Brothers Women and Children's Hospital. 


My book IN THE GARDEN COLLECTION An inspirational journey into the heart of the garden  is available on Amazon.

In addition to my Art - you can view in my Gallery - I've developed a Collection of Women's Scarves and Poncho's, along with a Home Collection of Pillows & Throws. My latest addition of a Collection of Face Masks. I hope like many they will soon become collectors items, but until then - well they are beautiful:)


Whenever I travel, I am always on the lookout for peace of mind. You will see images that reach far beyond my garden, but for me that is where it all started. And if you are wondering who handed me that old Nikon, it was my husband Hall of Fame Chicago Tribune Photographer Val Mazzenga. 


And before that-


Shelly has always been drawn to the world of art. She is a gifted vocalist, has found considerable success on television, as a Spokesperson for multinational companies, as a voice-over artist and published writer.  As an accomplished singer, Shelly has been a featured headliner in a variety of venues, including nightclubs, cruise ships and corporate conventions from Chicago to Las Vegas to cities in the Far East.


As a seasoned and versatile on-camera and voice-over artist, Shelly's on air work includes hosting numerous television shows, telethons, Emmy award winning documentary's as well as corporate videos. She has traveled worldwide as a Spokesperson for international companies introducing products and services.


Writing magazine articles is also part of her repertoire, with pieces in such publications as PBS's "City Talk" and "Women's World". In the corporate sector, Shelly has gained considerable attention for her effectiveness as a Presentation Trainer and Executive Coach.​

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